Jun 062015

A 281 Gigapixel photo

We will be curious about the picture quality or ask for the megapixel while buying or talking about the camera. Higher the megapixel, higher will be its quality or more clarity of photos even in zooming.

How many megapixel of image have you seen ever before? Have you ever think about the gigapixel image?

Now you can see 281 gigapixel image in the Internet. This image is prepared by using the Virtual Nanoscopy Technology. Shown image is a transmission electron microscopy image of a sagittal section of a 5-day post-fertilization zebrafish embryo. This image is a virtual slide derived by stitching together 26,434 individual images. Its size is 921600 x 380928px. The quality and clarity of the image does not change even it is zoomed in and you can see even smallest parts in this image.

Journal of Cellular Biology (JCB) has uploaded this image online in this week. For the publication of these image, JCB announces a major enhancement to the JCB DataViewer to host the virtual nanoscopy data at the gigapixel scale which makes it possible to view it in zooming mode too.

Due to its huge size, it may not be possible to view it in some computers. But you can view it by clicking on following link and can be viewed each and every parts of the image by zooming in it. Click here>>


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Jun 052015

Are you worried about computer virus? Is your computer infected with virus? How to detect computer virus? How to solve the computer virus problems? If you want the answers of these questions, I am sure that this post will surely help to remove the computer virus to some extent.

Computer hackers (cyber criminals) are working very actively to infect the computers over the internet. There are so many cyber criminal groups that are committing cyber crime through the internet. In November 2011, FBI arrested and controlled over the cyber crime to some extent which had spread over 4 million computer viruses in the internet. The same cyber criminals sent different viruses to different computer servers due to which the internet users had to view unwanted ads. Due to such types of virus, they earned more than $14 millions.

The computer hackers used one of the domain look up over the internet and sent virus in the many computers. The FBI authority said that the effects of such virus is present in the current days too. The FBI officers are working hard to fix the virus problems. The disturbance of internet services will also be fixed soon, said the news agency Reuters.

How to fix the virus?

To fix the virus problems mentioned above, it takes a few seconds whether the computer is infected with the virus or not. Simply visit the site www.dns-ok.ca/ and visit at the last of the page and click on agree button. After clicking Agree, if the page displays green banner then the computer is protected against the computer virus. Again if the page displays red banner in the page then the computer is infected with the computer virus. The computer virus can also be removed with the help of active antivirus.

The computer virus can also be detected manually. Simply follow the steps to fix the computer virus.

For Windows platform:

  • Click on Start menu
  • Click on Run
  • Type cmd.exe
  • Press Ok button

Then the command prompt window will appears. In command prompt, type ipconfig/all and press enter. View details about your computer IP (Internet Protocol) and the DNS Servers. Check whether the mentioned numbers are match or not. If the numbers are match with the series, then the computer is infected with computer virus.

For Apple Platform:

  • Go to System Preferences.
  • Then choose Network and click on connection used for internet access.
  • Click on Advanced and click on DNS tab.
IPs and DNS Server that are infected with virus are: and and and and and and

What to do if the virus are found?

The computer users can get ideas for removing such dangerous virus in the internet. There are many sites which provide virus remover software and virus scanners. Simply visit www.dcwg.org/fix/. Before disinfecting the computer, please don’t forget to keep backup of your data so that you can avoid the loss of important files and information.

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