Aug 262015

Command Prompt is the command-line interface software which is present in Windows operating systems. It is a special type of software which is pre-installed in Windows operating systems which allows the user to operate the computer using different commands which are fed to the computer through keyboard.

Now, let us learn about the methods to run Command Prompt.

  1. From Start Menu (in Windows 10): To run Command Prompt in Windows 10, the following steps can be taken:
    • Click on Start Menu.
    • Click on All apps.
    • Go to ‘W’ and find Windows System. Click on it to find Command Prompt.
    • Click on Command Prompt. This will open a new window which consists of a black screen and some texts.cmd1
  2. By using ‘Run’: This is a quick method to run Command Prompt.
    • Press Windows key + R in your keyboard to launch a small window called Run.
    • In the text area, type cmd.
    • Hit Enter on your keyboard or press OK. Then Command Prompt will be
  3. By using ‘Windows key + X’ (only on Windows 8 and later): This is the quickest method to run Command Prompt.
    • Press Windows key + X on your keyboard. This will open up a small list over Start Menu button.
    • Press ‘C’ or click on Command Prompt.winx

Then you’re ready to go!