Oct 042014

Group ‘A’

Attempt any nine questions from this group. (9 × 5 = 45)

  1. What are the five reasons of eating food? Mention five categories of vegetable food stuffs.
  2. What are the food stuffs found in the food groups given below? (a) Cereals (b) Pulses (c) Sugar and Jaggery (d) Vegetables (e) Fats and oil
  3. What are nutrients? Write their names and functions in short.
  4. What are mineral salts? Mention any four in short.
  5. Why is special diet necessary to a pregnant woman and delivery?
  6. What are five important functions of water. Mention five symptoms of pure water.
  7. What are the side effects of bad food habits?
  8. Write the method of preserving fruits and vegetables.
  9. In how many ways can food be cooked? Explain any one of them.
  10. What is the recipe of meat momo? Write clearly and also mention the method of cooking it.
  11. Write any ten points to be followed by a person working in food laboratory.

Group ‘B’

Attempt any six questions from this group. (6 × 5 = 30)

  1. What are the points to be considered while managing a home? Write in points.
  2. How can a house be cleaned regularly? Mention clearly in points.
  3. What is the importance of utility and easily manageable toilet in rural areas? Explain.
  4. What are the main points to be considered while making family budget? Explain.
  5. Mention five preventive measures to safeguard from domestic accidents.
  6. What do you understand by handicraft? How do you prepare a handkerchief in your leisure time? Describe it.
  7. Write short notes on: (a) Smokeless oven (b) Pressure cooker