SLC Model Question Set 7 (Science)

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Jan 202015

SLC Model Question Set 7 (Science)

Physics [30]

1. a) Write any two differences between g and G. The mass of earth is 6×1024 kg and mass of moon is 7.1×1022 kg and gravitational force between them is 16.82×1019 N, find out the distance between them. 2+2=4
b) Fossil fuel is called non renewable source of energy, why? It is better to use energy like solar power in context of Nepal. Justify your answer with two reasons. 1.5+2=3.5
2. a) State Archimedes Principal. Write three factors on which upthrust depends. Hydrometer sinks deeper in water than in mercury. Why? 1+1.5+1.5=4
b) Define one pascal pressure. A block of wood floats in a liquid with of its volume submerged. If the density of wood is 800 kg/m3, calculate the density of the liquid. 1+2.5=3.5
3. a) What effect is seen on volume of water when it is heated from 0ºC to 15ºC. If a heater with power 1000 W gives 4.2×103 KJ of heat energy. What will be the temperature of 10 kg water at 20ºC? (specific heat capacity of water is 4200 J/KgºC) 1+2.5=3.5
b) When does a convex lens form an enlarged and erect image? Draw its labeled ray diagram. What in long sightedness? Write one difference between the nature of images formed by objective lens and eye lens of a compound microscope. 1+2.5=3.5
4. a) Define electric circuit. How are loads connected in house hold wiring? Write one advantage of it. Fluorescent lamp of 60 W gives more brightness than a filament lamp of 60 W. Why? 1+0.5+1+1=3.5
b) What is fuse wire made of? What do you mean by electromagnetic induction? If a transformer has 770 turns in primary coil and 220 turns in secondary coil and produces 110 V secondary voltage then calculate the primary voltage produced. 1+1.5+2=4.5

Chemistry [15]

5. a) State Mendeleev’s Periodic law. Why is calcium more reactive than magnesium although they belong to same group? Write balanced chemical equation of reaction between iron particles and copper sulphate solution. Which type of chemical reaction is it? 1+1.5+1.5=4
b) Draw a well labeled diagram for lab preparation of ammonia. Write the structural formula of dimethyl ether. Write one use of ethyl alcohol. 2+1+0.5=3.5
6. a) Gold is found in free state in nature but iron in not. Why? Which metal can be obtained from chalcopyrite? What is acid? Write any two uses of acid in daily life. 1+0.5+1+1=3.5
b) Why is detergent called soap less soap? Write any two differences between thermoplastic and thermosetting plastic. Why is gypsum added in cement? 1+2+1=4

Biology [22.5]

7. a) T.B. cannot be cured in a person suffering from AIDS. Why? Draw a labeled diagram of human heart. All arteries carry pure blood but pulmonary artery carries impure blood. Why? 1+2+1.5=4.5
b) State one function of each of partsbrain_educatesansar_science
a, b, c, & d of human brain.
What is chemotropism? 2+1=3

8. a) What is crossing over ? Name the phase
and type of cell division shown in figure.cell_educatesansar_science
Write one important feature of this stage. 1+1+1=3

b) Write one advantage of asexual reproduction. Which kind of fertilization occurs is frog and in birds? What is the gametophyte of fern plant called? How does it help in life cycle of fern plant? Write the importance of gills in mushroom? 1+1+1.5+1=4.5

9. a) What is pyramid of biomass? How do plants like soya bean and bean make soil fertile? Write a difference between pea plant and maize plant on the basis of structure of stem. In which class does dolphin lie? 1+1.5+1+0.5=4
b) Draw a filial chart upto F2 generation to show phenotype and genotype produced by cross pollination between a pure red flowered pea plant and a pure white flowered pea plant. Where is DNA located? Write one function of DNA. 2+0.5+1=3.5

Astronomy and Geology[7.5]

10. a) Write two effects seen on earth due to ozone layer depletion. What is the estimated age of the earth?
What is cenozoic era? 2+0.5+1=3.5
b) A comet is not a star. Write two reasons to support your answer. What do you mean by astronomical unit?
Name the following:
i. Galaxy nearest to Milky Way galaxy.
ii. Heavenly object removed recently from category of asteroid. 2+1+1=4

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Mar 032014

SLC Model Question Set 6 (Science)


1. a) State Newton’s law of gravitation. Calculate the force with which the moon pulls every kilogram of water in our rivers given that the moon is 3×105 km away from Nepal and the mass of moon is 7×1022kg. 1.5+2+1=4.5

b) Define energy crisis. Write down any two causes and a solving way of energy crisis. 0.5+2=2.5

2. a) State Archimedes’s principle. Write down any two factors on which the upthrust depend. Prove that liquid pressure (p)=hdg. 1+1+2=4

b) Study the diagram and answer the following question. 0.5+1+2=3.5science

  • On which principle does it work? State the principle too.
  • The cross sectional area of piston A and B are 20cm2 and 0.4cm2 respectively. What force on piston B can balance the 240N force on piston A.

3. a) What is specific heat capacity? How much heat should be lost to reduce 10C temperature of unit mass of a substance? 500g sand of specific heat capacity 800J/kg C is heated from 250C to 450C. Find the answer of heat regarded for it. 1+1+2=4

b) What is power of lens? Write its SI unit. Observe the defect of vision in the diagram and answer the following

  • What type of defect of vision is this?
  • Can this defect be corrected? Illustrate with a ray diagram.

4. a) Draw an electrical circuit for connection of three dry-cells each of 1.5 volts in a parallel combination. Calculate the potential difference of the cells that are connected in series combination. Write the main two reasons for use of filament of tungsten wire in an electric bulb. 1.5+0.5+1=3

b) What is motor effect? Write any three methods for increasing the amount of electric current produced by dynamo or generator. The number of turns in primary and secondary coil of a transformer are 1000 and 500 respectively voltage. 1+1.5+2=4.5


5. a) State modern period law. In which group of the modern periodic table are there very active metals and very active non-metals? Clarify the relation between the size of the atoms of these metals and non-metals with their chemical reactivity.

b) Draw the labeled diagram to show the laboratory preparation of ammonia gas. What is dry ice? Write the structural formula of diethyl ether. 2+1+0.5=3.5

6. a) Define acid with an example. Name the two ores of copper. Write the balanced chemical equation for the reaction between iron and dilute sulpheric acid. 1+1+2=4

b) Name the raw materials that are necessary for making soap. What do you mean by insecticides? Why is their use discouraged? Give any three reasons. 1+1+1.5=3.5


7. a) Draw the figure of bacteriophage and label its any two parts. What is chemotropism? Pituitary gland is called the master of glands, why? Write one function of cerebrospinal fluid. 2+1+1+0.5=4.5

b) What is heartbeat? Under what condition heartbeat is increased? Bleeding from artery is dangerous, why? 1+1+1=3

8. a) The given diagram is prophase of mitosis, justify with two points. Write two differences between self and cross pollination. science

b) How is a zygote formed? Draw a labeled diagram of the fertilization process occurred, when the pollen grain reaches the ovary through pollen tube. 1.5+2=3.5

9. a) What is food chain? Describe the consequence that occurs if all the tigers are killed in the food chain. Classify the deer with a special characteristic of it. 1+1+1.5=3.5

Maize plant –> Deer –> Wolf –> Tiger

b) Why did Mendel choose pea plant for his experiment? Give two reasons. Draw a diagram of pyramid of biomass of both water ecosystem and land ecosystem. 2+2=4

Astronomy and Geology

10. a) What is fossil fuel? Write the name of periods in which man and dinosaur were evolved. Write two effects of depletion of ozone layer. 1+0.5+0.5+2=4

b) Write two difference between meteors and meteorites. How black hole is formed? Explain briefly. 2+1.5=3.5

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