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Full Marks: 75
Pass Marks: 28

Group A – Botany

1. Very short answer questions (any seven): [1 × 7 = 7]

a) Name the type of meristem on the basis of functions.
b) What type of vascular bundles is found in the stem of mango plant?
c) Define imbibiton.
d) Write any two characters of guard cell.
e) Define Krantz anatomy.
f) Write down the summarized reaction of alcoholic fermentation.
g) Differentiate pure line with hybrid.
h) What do you mean by lysogeny?
i) Name any two plants which can be used as green manure.
j) Why is emasculation necessary in hybridization?

2. Short answer questions (any five): [3 × 5 = 15]

a) Write down the characters of collenchymas.
b) Mention the significance of osmosis.
c) Write down the differences between C3 and C4 plants.
d) Describe the lysogenic life cycle of virus.
e) What is co-dominance? Describe with suitable example.
f) Discuss the physiological effects of cytokinin.
g) Describe the different steps of recombinant DNA technology.

3. Define sex linked inheritance. Describe the patterns of inheritance of eye colour in Drosophila. [8]
Discuss the anatomical features of dicot root and show how it differs from monocot root.

4. Define photosynthesis. Describe the light dependent phase of photosynthesis in detail. [7.5]

Group B – Zoology

1. Very short answer questions (any seven): [1 × 7 = 7]

a) What is Haversian canal?
b) Name nay two common genetic disorders.c) What type of fishes are called Bottom feeders?
d) Define carrying capacity.
e) What is done in laproscopy?
f) Define epiboly.
g) What is the function of fibroblast?
h) Define erythroblastosis foetalis.
i) How many number of lobes are there in the left lung?
j) Write the dental formula of adult man.

2. Short answer questions (any five): [3 × 5 = 15]

a) Describe the categories of Carbohydrates.
b) Write short note on organ and tissue transplantation.
c) Explain the natural method of population control.
d) Draw a well labelled diagram of ear.
e) Describe the process of coelom formation in frog.
f) Write short note on striated muscle.
g) Comment upon the ovary of mammal.

3. Describe the structure of human brain. [7.5]
Explain the structure of Adrenal gland and functions of its secretion.

4. What is AIDS? Write causative agent, mode of transmission, symptoms, control and prevention of AIDS. [8]

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