Jul 232014

microsoft logoAmerican computer hardware and software company, Microsoft is kicking out 18 thousand employees from the company. This is the outcome of the latest plan brought out by Microsoft for the management of its employees. Hence, this year, a total of eighteen thousand people are going to lose their jobs in Microsoft.

According to the Chief Executive Officer of Microsoft, Satya Nadella, thirteen thousand posts have already been deducted from the company during the first phase and the employees will be getting notice within six months from now.

The people who will be losing their jobs from the company will be the ones who are working in Nokia mobile department. After buying Nokia mobile company, a total of 25 thousand employees were added to Microsoft. But now, only 12.5 thousand employees will be assigned to work in Nokia’s Device and Service Department. It has been stated that Microsoft will not only fire employees belonging to lower level posts but also to some employees of managerial level.

After firing the employees, Microsoft has planned to make the organizational structure strong by promoting the remaining employees of Nokia department.

However, Microsoft has assured that the fired employees will be getting some amount for their services and skills used in the development and betterment of the company. It has also stated to help the fired employees to find new jobs.

These days, a trend of decreasing the number of employees is taking place in large companies of technology field. Last year, Google had fired 6 thousand employees before buying Motorola.

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