Jul 072012

Nepal is taken as one of the countries which are lagging behind in the process of development. It is taken as a least developed country. But, it is trying its best in order to make itself listed in the list of developed countries. It is working hard to make itself one of the prosper and strong countries of the world.

Though Nepal is not being able to develop many infrastructures of development, it is trying its best in all possible infrastructures. One of such infrastructures is communication. Communication is one of the fields in which Nepal has been successful to bring out many developments during these recent years. Along with the establishments of different telecommunication companies like Nepal Telecommunication, Namaste, Mero Mobile (now NCell), Smart Cell etc. most of the people of Nepal have got easy access to communication. Among those telecommunication companies, United Telecom Limited (UTL) is also the one which has been providing CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) service to the people ever since its establishment.

But, these days it is felt that United Telecom Limited (UTL) is not being able to function properly and effectively. Some rumors also said that it was going to get in the condition of bankruptcy. It was almost going to get dismissed. But now it is back with a new service with the help of additional capital. It is now going to bring out GSM mobile service with the help of united license system. In addition to this service, it is also going to upgrade its services with high internet speed, PSTN service and many other telecommunication services.

Viewing the inability of CDMA service to beat the cut-throat competition, the need of the customers and to minimize the loss, it has now decided to get united license. For this, the company has already started preparations for preparing and providing all the necessary documents to be submitted to the Nepal Telecommunication Corporation. United Telecom Limited is the joint venture of some Nepalese with the Indian Companies. In this company, there is 80% capital share of Indian Companies and 20% share of the Nepalese. Among the Nepalese capital share, 15% of the total share belongs to Nepal Communist Party (UML) leader Raghuveer Mahaseth and 5% of the total capital share belongs to a company named Nepal Venture Pvt. Limited. United Telecom Limited is the first company in Nepal which had got the license to provide telecommunication services to the public in private level. UTL says that without commencing GSM mobile service and high speed internet it is impossible to compete in the market.

So, it can be told that in order to be able to compete in this cut-throat competition in the telecommunication market, United Telecom Limited is planning to launch new and effective services that may surely win the hearts of the mobile customers. Will United Telecom Limited be able to be successful? Will the customers be happy with its service? Will it be able to minimize its loss? The answers of these questions will be found in the future.