Hard Disk: An inseparable part of Computer

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  2. Celma says:

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    1. Trunghoai says:

      A jump drive (or thumb drive) would be best if you have one available. It holds more inoimratfon that a cd or floppy. Also, it is relatively easy to use. Just insert in your usb port. Open my computer find the files you want to copy to it, then drag and drop them onto the drive (usually g:drive). Then take it out , put in the new computer usb port and vice versa the directions.

  3. Elisete says:

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  4. Victor says:

    Hi There,The six recovery disks will retrsoe your system to like new condition with everything like it was when you first started it.Ways to move information:1. Burn CDs or DVDs from the old computer and transfer to the new one.2. Purchase an external hard drive, plug it into a USB port, copy any files you want to move.Then plug it into your new computer and copy the files you want.3. You can buy a special type of USB cable (with special software) that allows transferring data and settings between computers.4. You can buy a crossover ethernet cable, connect the two computers, set up a LAN connection and easily transfer files (both ways)conclusion:The best way is to use the external hard drive. You can transfer files but also can use it to back up your data later.The easiest way is to use the data transfer cable since it is almost automatic.Using the LAN method is fine but does require set up of both computers and the purchase of an ethernet Crossover cable.Burning CDs or DVDs will very time consuming but is OK if you don’t have many files.Hope this helps, Al

  5. Soni says:

    I’m guessing the old cotmpuer has floppy disks and the new one has DVD . If you have USB or SD memory slots on the old cotmpuer you can use them like people are telling you. If you dont have these types it may be a bit more difficult. One way is to email the documents to your self as attachments and then you will be able to get them onto any cotmpuer.

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