Aug 272012

Education is one of the most important infrastructures of development of a country. It is the first and foremost factor which determines the progress, prosperity as well as development in a country. Without it, no proper development of a country or state can be imagined because other infrastructures of development cannot be developed in the absence of education in the country.

While talking about the importance of education, we can find that there is a great importance and role of education in every field. It is equally important in transportation, communication, health sector of the country. It is not only important in such sectors but also in political sector. Since politics is very important in running the nation smoothly and efficiently, education has much vitality in this sector because only educated people can run the country in a proper manner. There is a high importance of education in the government. We can find many forms of government which are being used for the efficient running of the countries all over the world. Among them, democracy is also the one. The word ‘democracy’ is derived from two Greek words which are ‘demos’ and ‘cratia’ where ‘demos’ refers to the people and ‘cratia’ refers to power. Thus, democracy, one of the oldest forms of government can be defined as the form of government in which the supreme power of the country or state is in the hands of the people themselves. Abraham Lincoln, the great president of United States of America defined democracy as “a form of government from the people, by the people and for the people.” There is a great value of education in a democratic state. Education is important because without it, people won’t have any idea or knowledge about democracy. They won’t know what democracy is and what its features and importance are? Similarly, if there is lack of education among the representatives of the people, then they won’t be able to run the country properly. They won’t know how to make the country developed by bringing new plans and policies. We can take the example of our country Nepal, where the people aren’t understanding about Loktantra, an advanced and improved form of democracy. Both the ruled and the rulers are not having a clear idea about Loktantra since most of them are not well educated. Due to this reason, the value of democracy has rapidly decreased in our country. Due to the lack of proper education, our country is not being able to move forward in the bright path of development. Since education helps to bring out the concept of discipline in the people, it is very important. Without education, discipline may not exist in the people. While talking about the effects of lack of discipline, we can say that a country can’t run properly in the absence of discipline in the people of the country. In the absence of discipline, no one will follow the rules and regulations of the country. There will be no value of the laws which are created for the people, In order to implement these laws properly, discipline is very much important which can be brought out with the help of education.

Thus, due to all the reasons mentioned above, we can say that education is very much important in a democratic state. Without education, the value of democracy will not be able to exist.