Sep 202012

“Can you tell me how many types of computers are there in the present time?” If someone would ask this question to you, you might surely be in dilemma. You would be naming and counting the types of computers as “Desktop computer, laptop computer, netbook etc.” But telling the fact, we can find altogether five types of computers which are manufactured till today.

  1. Desktop Computers: Desktop computers can be used by such users who prefer fast and upgraded computing. In these computers, the users can easily upgrade hardware like Random Access Memory (RAM), Graphic Cards, Hard Disk Drive (HDD) etc. The most popular desktop computer producers are Lenovo, Hewlett-Packard (HP), Compaq, Dell etc. They can be found easily in the market with their hardware upgrades.
  2. Laptop Computers: The first laptop was created in 1979 A.D. by British Designer Bill Magridez. The design of that laptop was created by Grid System Corporation. In the last four decades, not only the structure of laptops have been upgraded but also the technology used in them have been changed. Some popular laptop computer producers of the world are Dell, Hewlett-Packard (HP), Acer, Toshiba, Lenovo, Hasee etc.
  3. Netbook Computers: Netbook computers are not only ultra-portable (laptops) but also one of the computers which can be easily carried. These computers are smaller than laptops. Though these computers contain the feature of WiFi connection, they are generally suitable for using cable internet. Asus, Inktech, Baleyo etc. are the popular netbook producers of present time.
  4. P.D.A. Computers: The full form of P.D.A. is Personal Digital Assistant Device. These computers do not contain hard disk drives (HDD) like in other computers but they contain Flash memory as memory device. The size of P.D.A. is even smaller than Netbook computers. Personal Digital Assistant Devices are mostly used in Western countries like United States of America, United Kingdom etc.
  5. Wearable Computers: Wearable computers are called wearable because they can be easily worn in palms like watches. This series of computers is the latest series of computers in the world. These computers can easily be used as other computers.