Oct 172013

Youths are the strength of nation. They are the backbone of nation. They are the ones who decide the fate of the nation. They play an important role in each and every sector of nation and different plans and activities carried out in a nation. Constitutional Assembly (C.A.) election is also an important activity that is carried out in a nation. So, youths play an important role in this activity.

The Constitutional Assembly (C.A.) is an important legislative organ of a democratic government which brings out plans, laws and rules for the development, betterment, welfare and security of a country. It is the place where the constitution of a country is drafted. The constitution is a set of rules and laws which are drafted for the welfare of the citizens of a country.

This assembly consists of representatives who represent each and every region, sector, caste, ethnicity of a country. For selecting these representatives or members of Constitutional Assembly, an election is held which is known as Constitutional Assembly Election.

For the successful running of this election, every citizen of the country plays a major role. Since the youths are also the citizens of the country, they should also be active in this fate-deciding work of the country. The role of youths in this election can be categorized into three different categories. They are listed and described below:

i) Role before the election

Before the election or at pre-election stage, the youth have a lot of works to do. The first and foremost role of youth is awaring the people about the Constitutional Assembly Election. The youth should make the people aware about this election, its importance and its effects in the country. Likewise, they should help other organizations in the work of making people well-known about the rules and system of the election. Similarly, the youth should make the voters aware about the candidates who are taking part in the election. They should also try to make the candidates pressurized to do the tasks they promise to do in the future.

ii) Role during the election

The youth play an important role during the election by encouraging the people to vote for their desired candidates. Likewise, the youth can even help in the management of voters while they come to vote at voting spots. They can help in managing the queues and maintaining discipline.

iii) Role after the election

The role of youth after the election is to request and pressurize the elected representatives or members of the Constitutional Assembly to fulfill their promises. They can make them aware about this duties and even suggest them the works that can be done for the welfare and betterment of the people of the country.

Thus, we can say that there is a great necessity of youth in the forthcoming Constitutional Assembly Election. They can cooperate in different ways in the work, which will decide the fate of the country.

Sagun Raj Lage