Jul 012014

What is positive center? Positive center is defined as the point where the things, thinking, philosophy, invention, creativeness etc. are driven towards positive part and results into the positive attitude in every single factor of the body. It is very essential in our body that we need to drive ourselves to the positive center. Positive attitude is also one of the huge success in life, without the positive attitude life is seriously like a hell. We’re capable of doing everything and here everything means change within you that will drive you to peace, prosperous and harmonious life. It’s all up to us that what we plan. And we already know the output during our doing. There are lot of better output in adopting  positive attitude like we’ll see everything positive and able to understand the world in the well manner. For instance, suppose black body is kept inside the water glass and it can be replaced by white body after some interval of time. As in the same manner, our negative attitude can be replaced by positive attitude. From this hypothesis, it can be verified that there is nothing to worry if we have negative thinking as we can replace it with an ease if we have a will to replace it.  Positive change is the work that we can do without any physical effort, what we really need is will to change.

Developing the thinking like if I fake myself today, that won’t remain for more and someday the truth will come out. In this way we’ll be losing lot of hope and desires in your life. We must be able to face the truth. We should admit the habit to decide the right or wrong and morality and immorality. If we just keep on admitting that, if I’ll know the truth I can’t face the truth then this mentality will lead us to life full of stress and we’ll be completely unable to drive ourselves towards the positive center. This is the power of positiveness.

Positive thinkers are genius in character. Positive thinkers can achieve any kind of impossible in future and break every kind of barriers in their upcoming days. Optimistic people are welcomed in every sector of the environment of the country. Significantly, only a positive thinker can be a good leader of the country who mainly focuses in the progress of country and for the welfare of the country. Similarly, dealing about the consequences of the positive center, you’ll  be able to think positively, creative thinking, realize the difference between true or false, optimism and it will create a strength on you about accomplishing the goals.

We listed the significance and consequences of the positive thinking above, but we are still confused that “What makes us drive to positive center?”, some of them are: we are living our own life so we have to right to choose how to live and with whom to live? All these are the matters of choice. We all choose someone and live in such a way that we’ll never be pessimistic, always keep on focusing the positive center and try to substitute the negative thinking by positive thoughts as far as possible. This will help us to vanish the negative thoughts from our mind and spirit. If we are really conscious about our thinking and about our sub-conscious mind then we should always try to look at the bright side of our life which will help us to enlighten our divine with the great spirit. We should have feelings like everyone is willing to help me, all of them will easily accept me in any cost and insist that this universe is my home and the people are my family members and try to admit the positive thoughts about our house and family members. We should always be with happy people, those who can make us happy and motivate you, inspire us at your difficulties so that we can overcome with the way we want. Reading also discovers the optimism within us very unexpectedly. Ultimately, we should always try to overcome the negative aspects in positive manner so that our soul could be unknown about it initially and accept in the final stage with the glorious manner.

Rounik Raj Aryal
Liverpool Int’l College