May 252012

The scientific name of crow is Corvus. One of the most amazing creature in this world which can understand the human language. It is also known as one of the most clever bird. Crows are also taken as one of the messenger in the world. The recent research proved that they are the most clever birds which can understand the human language. According  to research, not only the human language, but can also understand the languages of other birds.

Due to this characteristic of the crows, they are easily adopting the densely populated urban areas of different countries. They can also easily search their food and become aware from various threats. According to investigators of such researches, they have recorded the sound of different birds and even the sound of human beings and made them listen. They react differently according to the sounds.

According to the investigators of Vienna University, Austria, crows can also understand the sounds of other birds and also can produce the same types of sounds. As a result of this characteristic, crow can adopt any situation and environment. Similarly, crows can also understand the human emotion like anger, happiness, threats and so on.