Jun 182012

Facebook, the world’s most popular social networking site from which we cannot imagine our life. It has the highest traffic and audience so that it ranks on 9 in Google ranking. It is the top social networking site which earns huge profit some years ago. But according to some analysts, the existence of Facebook remains only 5 to 8 years. The life of Facebook will end within 8 years.

The existence of Facebook is in danger due to decline in its share value, said some analysts. Eric Jackson, the founder of the popular firm Iron Fire Capital has forecasted that the condition of Facebook will be like the condition of yahoo which means getting worse.

Even yahoo is generating profit and employing more than 13 thousands of employees, the quality and services it is providing is only 10% of 2000 A.D. This concludes that yahoo is offering very less services to its customers and users than past years. Eric Jackson also said that the condition of the Facebook will also become same like that of yahoo within 8 years.

Nowadays, mobile users are taken as one of the prime source of income for Facebook. So, Facebook  purchased some mobile companies. Even Facebook purchased some mobile companies and integrated Facebook apps in mobile, the mobile users are experiencing many problems while using Facebook. Declining in the value of Facebook share may be one of the sign of it. The current share value is 24$ which was issued with the value of 38$. Рonlinekhabar.com