Mar 232014

“What to Choose: Facebook or LinkedIn?” is the topic that will help to choose Facebook or LinkedIn. Which one will you prefer to use, Facebook or LinkedIn? For what purpose are you going to use it?

Giving the answer for the above question is hard and it is also very difficult to choose the between them. We already know that Facebook and LinkedIn are the top social networking platform with millions of users. They both are very useful platforms for the users. So, let’s try to analyze these two platforms in order to decide which one is good and useful for you.

There are million tons of social networking platforms like Twitter, YouTube, Myspace, Mig33, Wechat, Vine, Snapchat, Whatsapp, Hangouts, Viber, Tango, Line, Instagram and many other different channels. But the major ones are same that is Facebook and LinkedIn.  If you want to involve in the other social networking platforms except Facebook and LinkedIn, you have to present on the major platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn.

Is it necessary to have accounts in major social networking platforms? Are Facebook and LinkedIn accounts compulsory?

Today, we are here specially focusing on the customers and the markets for your business promotion. So, it will only make sense if you have Facebook account with your customers and prospects. After that, you should start careful analysis so as to identify the customers and possibilities.

Now you may be in confuse whether to choose Facebook or LinkedIn. How to choose Facebook or LinkedIn?

The answer for the above question may vary according to your business types, nature and objectives. Facebook is for B2C business (Business to Consumers) whereas LinkedIn is for B2B business (Business to Business). Actually it is more complex than above mentioned answer.


facebookFacebook is the most popular personal platform for your business whether it is B2B business or B2C business. But the main objectives of it should be reaching to your targeted costumer or business on the subordinate or grass root level. So, Facebook can be used in both type of business that B2B or B2C.

Due to its popularity, most of the people spend their several minutes to several hours daily in Facebook by sharing their interest and even contents free of cost. Recently, Facebook changed the rules and made the process of reaching customers much more complicated.

On this platform, user can create a large variety of content rich posts and pages where you can easily customize it according to your business. Even you will be able to provide unique brand with unique modules which will attract your customers as well as visitors. Customers are the king of the market. So, for the successful operation of your business, your posts and pages also must be attractive and interesting.

Due to some changes in rules, the is very less possibility to reach to your targeted customers and market if you don’t have budget for the promotion of Facebook page/s. In an average, your posts may reach 1% of your followers.

If you are going to choose Facebook then do not expect more return on your investment.


LinkedInLinkedIn is another great platform for promotion of your business which works very differently from Facebook. This platform is specially designed for professional purpose not for leisure like Facebook. So, People on this platform use it much less often.

The main problem that has to overcome during reaching to the people is little bit different than Facebook. The post that you posted will somehow reach to your followers wall but not necessarily at a time they would be using LinkedIn. Besides this problem, there is more difficulty in getting likes and shares over LinkedIn. Since, it is a platform for professional users, there might be very less liking and sharing of your post. Because, the post that you created may be related to some users on LinkedIn but not for all due to professionalism.

There are three levels of advertisement so as to reach to your targeted customers and markets as well as increase number of followers. The first and second levels of advertisement are same like Facebook but charges higher price. The third level advertisement is completely change than other two levels which has completely different concept for your large scale business.

In the first level advertisement, you are allowed to post ads. Those ads are very small and appear on the right panel of people’s LinkedIn account. The positive aspect is that you can target really precisely the type of individual you wish to reach based on their location, age, professional background.

In the second level advertisement, you have the posts sponsoring. Prepare a piece of news for your wall and sponsor it so that it would reach a whole lot more of people you have targeted. This solution is very efficient for two reasons: first it gives you more options to actively customize your content and second it brings your news directly on people’s timeline instead of on the side.

In the final or third level advertisement, you can develop “career page”. This level of advertisement is specially designed to large scale companies that actually look for new talented people to recruit. The career page officially works as a recruitment platform but its actual purpose is to largely boost your number of followers. If you take a close look at those company pages that reach a few thousands to a few million followers, you will notice they all have something in common: a career page. If you have a few thousands dollars to spend per year, that might be an efficient investment for you.

facebook_linkedinSo, if you have any suggestions and advice to choose Facebook or Linkedin, you are heartily welcome to write comment in the comment box. We will appreciate your suggestions and advice.