May 172012

Now cars without drivers will run the streets of Nevada, United States of America. After giving license to driverless cars, Nevada has became the first state of United States of America to provide such license. This will help to run driverless cars in the streets of Nevada. The first fortunate company to get license to run such cars is non other than Google Inc. which is an internet related company. It is surprising that a motor company didn’t get the first license to drive such cars.

Google made such a car which can run without a driver by modifying a car of Japanese company Toyota. This has brought a new revolution in technical field. Nowadays, it is seen that other car companies are also willing to get the license of such automated cars.

A special type of technology is used in this automated car.

There is a video camera fitted on the roof of the car in which radar sensor and a laser range is kept which gives information about nearer objects and activities. Google’s engineers had already tested this car in the road of California. At that time, this car had successfully crossed the Golden Gate bridge of San Francisco.

Nevada’s Motor Vehicle Department’s Director Bruce Breslo says that automated cars will be a useful alternative for the people in the future. Google’s automated cars are given red number plates so that they look distinct from other cars and they can be easily recognized. Nevada had brought the new rule of providing license to automated cars after modifying the transportation laws in March, 2012 A.D. It is said that California will also soon bring the policy to provide license to automated cars.