Sep 282012

Immunization or vaccination can prevent the children from being infected by many infectious diseases. Such diseases can cause deaths. The baby can be protected itself against some diseases when the child is immunized. A drug called “vaccine” injected into the body or swallowed to protect against the disease. Six common infectious diseases can be prevented by immunization; they are tuberculosis (TB), diphtheria, whooping cough, tetanus, poliomyelitis and measles.

General Consideration in Immunization

  • DPT polio vaccines should be given three doses otherwise they may not work.
  • All the vaccines are to be given in scheduled time. They can be found free of cost.
  • After vaccination the child may have fever but it does not harm the child.
  • Vaccination can be given even if child has a slight fever.

Infant and child health care
The newly born child should have a weight of about 3kg. in the same way, the baby should have a height of about 50cm. After one year the weight of a baby increases by three times and the height reaches about 75 cm.

Newly born baby should be cared as follows:

  • The head of the child immediately after birth should be suspended downward. By doing this, the mucus and water comes out of his/her mouth.
  • The baby should be kept below mother’s uterus until the cord is tied so that the baby could get more blood from the mother.
  • The mucus contained in the mouth and the nose of the baby should be removed.
  • The baby should be kept warm with a clean piece of cloth.
  • The razor used in cutting cord should be clean.
  • The newly born baby should be immediately breast fed.
  • The first milk is yellowish and dense. It is known as colostrum. Such milk has enough protein and capacity to fight against diseases.
  • Regular health check-up of newly born baby is necessary.
  • The newly born baby should be protected from pneumonia and common cold.
  • The newly born baby should be immunized within 9 months.
  • Baby should be given nutritious food, which helps in its development.