May 182012

Heart attacks are one of the very dreadful diseases that may take place in any person at any time. It is also taken as one of the complex disease in human. It occurs if the flow of oxygen rich blood to heart muscle suddenly becomes blocked. A heart attack occurs if the flow of oxygen-rich blood to a section of heart muscle is blocked suddenly. The section of heart muscles begins to die if blood flow isn’t restored quickly. Narrowing of blood vessels due to the increase in fat or clotting of blood on them may interrupt the supply of blood to heart which is taken as the prime factor of heart attack.

Heart attack is a serious disease which may take the life of people. So, timely medical measures should be taken to avoid such disease. You can also get detail about preventing from heart attack in the following site. Simply click on Drug Risk. Heart attacks is mainly caused due to unhygienic fooding style, lack of physical exercises, use of tobacco products, high blood pressure and fat in the blood etc.