Use of Internet in Our Daily Life

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Feb 192013

Have you ever tried to know about the internet and its uses in deep way? Do you want to learn about the internet? If yes, this article may prove to be a useful milestone for you.

Internet is one of the greatest developments in the field of communication. It is a useful, efficient and cheap means of communication. Internet can be simply defined as the virtual network of computers from all around the world.

Though internet is not very famous or popular in rural and undeveloped areas, it is very much popular in the urban and developing as well as developed areas. It is because of the development of electricity and communication in the developing and developed places. Due to easy access to the internet and computer, people have become very much advanced. Through the internet, the people can easily get many things that are very much useful in their daily lives.

The first and the foremost use of internet in our daily life is information. Through different websites and search engines like,, etc., we can search for the desired topics and get unlimited information about our desired topics. In other words, we can get knowledge about different useful topics with the help of virtual network called internet.

Similarly, the next use of internet in our daily life is staying connected. By the use of internet, we can login to different social networking sites like,,, etc. from which we can easily chat through texts with the people living in each and every corner of the world. Not only that much, we can also telephone them or create a video chat with them. We can even share photos, songs, videos, software and other different files through these sites which are found in the internet.

Likewise, we can even do shopping with the help of internet. Through the internet, we can go to websites like, etc. from where we can buy different things of our daily necessities. For example, we can buy clothes, furniture, utensils, electronic gadgets etc. with the help of internet. We can even sell our properties through the internet.

That was all about spending money in the internet. But the best part is earning money through the internet. With the help of internet’s websites like adsense,,, etc. we can easily earn money. All we have to do is completing small and easy works in the internet. Then we will be paid. Similarly, we can create our own blogs and websites too, from where we can share our knowledge and views in front of the world.

 Thus, through the above sentences, we can guess how important is internet in our daily life? We can know the usefulness of internet in our daily life. Thus, due to these reasons, internet has become successful to rule over the minds and lives of the people of the whole world.

Aug 092012

Samsung is the brand that is recognized as the best and reliable one in the creation of new and innovative mobile phones and other electronic gadgets which have made the present human life more easier, fast, systematic and luxurious. After it beat Nokia in the race of gaining more popularity, it has became more encouraged in order to bring out new, faster, easier, systematic as well as stylish gadgets. Being a South Korean electronics company, Samsung has brought out many mobile phones like Galaxy Young, Galaxy Ace, Galaxy Pocket etc. including the latest and most popular Galaxy S3. Now Samsung has recently released a new version of its mobile phone which is very much liked by the people. It has released the brand new version of Samsung Galaxy Note which is taken as one of the best smartphones introduced by Samsung. The name of the new version of Galaxy Note is given as Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. This phone was released in Germany and United Arab Emirates some days before and it will be launched on August 15, 2012 in United States of America. In United Kingdom and Samsung’s home country South Korea, Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 will be launched in the third week of August, 2012.

Equipped with Android operating system, Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 has the screen size of 10.1 inches which is equal to 25.6 cm. It can be said that the size of this smartphone is equal to the size of the Tablet PCs. While talking about the screen size of previous version of Galaxy Note, it had a screen size of only 5.3 inches.

It is said that this release of Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 will definitely give more pressure and challenge to Apple, which is also one of the most famous and liked brands in the world of mobile phones. It is believed that Samsung’s new smartphone will surely affect the fame and rule of Apple’s IPad.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 is a perfect combination of Tablet PC and smartphone. This smartphone consists of Quad-core processor. Like its previous version, this version of Galaxy Note also has a touch screen and a S-Pen for writing and drawing in the screen. Not only that much, this smartphone also has the feature with which the users will be able to divide the screen of the smartphone into two parts so as to run two different programs or applications simultaneously.