Jul 032012

Today we are living in the era of twenty first century. Competition has reached to its apex level till today’s date. There is a cut-throat competition in each and every field, including Internet and its market. Many organizations are working in the field of internet. Among them, Google, Bing etc. are the search engines which are the creations of such organizations. These search engines help the people to search anything in the internet.

Along with the popularity of Microsoft’s Search Engine ‘Bing’ in the market, the King of Search Engines ‘Google’ is felt to be slowly losing its grip in the market. According to the recent reports, it is found that Google is slowly losing its market. Despite this loss for Google, it has now also not lost its title, name, fame and popularity till now. It is now also used by many internet users and liked by them. It is taken as the search engine which is used mostly by the people of the whole world. In case of the people of United States of America, about 65% of the total population of it are using Google as their search engine. But, an online data measuring company Experian Hitwise says that in recent one year only, Google’s users are now stopping to use Google as their search engine and they are getting attracted towards other search engines.

It is found that from the last year, Google’s rule in the world of search engines have decreased by 5%. In the previous year, the total percentage of number of Google users all over the world was 68.10% but this year this percentage is decreased by 5%.

With the decrement in the popularity of Google Search Engine, Microsoft’s Search Engine ‘Bing’ is gaining more and more popularity. In the previous year, the total percentage of number of Bing users all over the world was 26.79%. This percentage has now increased to 28.10%. Likewise, the total percentage of the number of users of Yahoo! Search Engine has reached 14.90%.

Jun 202012

Today’s twenty first century can be called as the Century of Advanced Technology. The people of today have created such new, interesting as well as useful things which were just a part of imagination in the past centuries. They have succeeded to create many new devices and electronic gadgets which are making the human life easy, comfortable and luxurious. Inventions like computers, laptops, tablets, mobile phones etc. have took over the globe.

Among those inventions, IPad is also an important development in the field of information and technology. IPad is a tablet cum phone which consists of many features. It was released before a couple of years by American Computer Company, Apple Inc. After the arrival of Apple’s IPad, a new revolution took place in the world of electronic gadgets. With the features like Seri Assistant, Flipboard etc., it beat all other smartphones and tablet PCs in the race. It is now also ruling the world and its new versions are also about to be launched. So, it is very much popular than other electronic gadgets that can be found in today’s market. Many companies are trying their best to compete with Apple and its electronic gadgets.

Microsoft, which is a popular and well-renowned software and hardware company has brought a new invention in order to beat all other electronic gadgets in the market, including Apple’s IPad. Microsoft Corporation, U.S.A., has launched its new Tablet PC which is termed as Microsoft Surface. Like other Tablet PCs, this Tablet PC also works with touchscreen technology. This tablet PC will have Windows 8 operating system and Intel’s or ARM’s Processor. Analysts say that Microsoft’s Surface Tablet PC will be able to compete with Apple’s IPad. This tablet PC has brought out the challenge of creating such a gadget that supports Windows 8 operating system to other tablet PC and smartphone manufacturers. Microsoft’s Surface will have 10.6 inches of screen display and this tablet PC will be used with Magnesium covers, which is new type of cover. It is said that this magnesium cover would be able to protect the gadget from different types of scratches as well as damages. While comparing with Apple’s IPad, it is found that the weight and the screen display of Microsoft Surface is more than that of Apple’s IPad.

But, the time will let us know whether Microsoft Surface will be able to beat Apple’s IPad or Apple’s IPad will retain its lead once again. It will depend upon the services, features, facilities and performance given by Microsoft Surface.