Aug 232012

People are married sooner or later because human being needs companionship and marriage. One has to be prepared for marriage, both biologically and psychologically because there are many responsibilities to be fulfilled after one is married. Many boys and girls get married before the age suitable for them to be married, without knowing the meaning and obligation of bringing up a family. Biological and emotional maturity is a first necessary thing for marriage. An emotionally matured person has the ability to get along with people, to get and hold a job, to accept responsibility and to face the realities of married life.

Marriage is a part of our life. The parents want to see their children married make decision, run family life well and fulfill all the responsibilities well. They want to be grandparents and want to play with their babies as soon. Therefore, it is common to have the parent asking their children to get married, when they are still young. The term marriage refers to a union of male and female, which does not last with the act of reproduction but continues even after the birth of babies until the young are capable of supplying their essential needs.

Marriage is a natural institution and it is also an institution of the divine positive law. The primary goal of marriage can be restarted as the bringing up of good offspring, and this task includes conception, birth, loving care, training, unceasing affection and interest. And to give them things to the children is the fundamental reason that would bring a men and women into the rounded beautiful and complete humanity of deep relationship.

Purposes of marriage
There are various purposes of marriage. The various purposes of marriage are:

  • To plan a family and take care of the offspring
  • To live in harmony and love among each other.
  • To have a happy family and enjoy prosperity

Thus, the purpose of marriage is to live in harmony in a happy and stable family. Therefore, marriage should be based on careful planning and consideration.