Aug 142012

A computer is basically composed of different components such as mouse, monitor, keyboard and Central Processing Unit (CPU). The CPU is taken as the most vital component of a computer since it is the part that controls, monitors and stores the different activities and their results. For storing, recording, processing the data and information, a CPU consists of different devices such as motherboard, hard disk etc. A microprocessor is also one of such devices which lies in the motherboard and which helps in overall controlling and functioning of the computer. It is a small chip which consists of many pins.

Intel is the oldest company which has been working in the development of microprocessors from a long time. It is taken as the first microprocessor producer since it had invented the first microprocessor of the world which was named as Intel-4004. After the invention of Intel-4004, it has brought out many other new, advanced as well and efficient microprocessors. It has even created a series of microprocessors among which Intel Core Processors are also one.

Intel Core Processors are one of the most liked, popular as well as highly efficient and powerful microprocessors ever created by Intel. This series of microprocessors can further be categorized into two different generations. They are: 1. First Generation Intel Core Processors and 2. Second Generation Intel Core Processors

1. FirstGeneration Intel Core Processors

First generation Intel core processors were launched by Intel Corporation in the year 2010 A.D. This generation of processors consisted of different types of processors like Intel Core i3, Intel Core i5 and Intel Core i7. The Core i3 is the processor which has the least capacity among the first generation Intel core processors. The desktop and mobile versions of Intel Core i3 processors have a dual core technology and Intel hyper-threading support. Though Core i3 processors don’t contain the Intel Turbo Boost Support, it is not bad at all in front of other processors from Intel. Likewise, the Intel Core i5 processors have both dual and quad processors which make them very much reliable and efficient. Intel Core i5 processors are of two types which support the Intel Turbo Boost, graphic designs and hyper-threading. Similarly, Intel Core i7 processors are the most powerful, reliable and fast processors ever created by Intel. This group of Core processors contain four processors that support hyper-threading as well as Turbo Boost. The mobile C i7 processors can be found in both dual and quad cores. The Intel C i7 are the microprocessors which are the costliest as well as fastest and most efficient processors in the Core family.

2. Second Generation Intel Core Processors

The second generation Intel core processors were introduced by Intel in the year 2011 A.D. after the release of its first generation core processors in 2010 A.D. This generation of core processors contains about twenty nine mobile and desktop processors which were manufactured by Sandy Bridge architecture. This generation of processors was based on the 32nm micro architecture designed and released by Intel and it was the first to integrate the processor and memory controller graphics on the same hand. The second generation of core processors include the features of video performing encoding hardware, and a Video HD and 3D stereoscopic content for watching TV in computer which support full HD streaming. The second generation core processor family contains 1 Core i7 extreme edition processor, 12 Core i7’s, 12 Core i5’s, 4 Core i3 processors as well as many new graphic performance features.