May 072012

Famous social networking site Facebook has brought a new plan to cooperate with those people who want to donate their organs. Facebook is providing the facility to the organ donors to share their organs. The Facebook users from United States of America and United Kingdom can register their names in the official Facebook link and can donate their organs to the people, said Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg.

Even those donors who have already donated their organs can add themselves in that link and convey the message of donating the organs. That link will be available in the Timeline feature of Facebook. Zuckerberg has updated his status message after the inauguration of Organ Donation Facility.

Zuckerberg got the inspiration of creating such facility in Facebook by the death of his dear friend and the CEO of Apple Company, Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs had also got a liver transplanted in his body. That liver was donated to him by a donor. American Company Donate Life says that about 1 lakh 12 thousand American citizens are in the state of transplanting any organ in their body. Due to the failure in transplantation of organs or not transplanting organs, 18 people are dying every year. But after releasing the feature of Donation of Organs through Facebook, it is hoped that the number of people who lose their lives due to failure to transplant the organs will decrease and the number of organ donors will also increase. It is also said that the person who will announce to donate his organs in Facebook will be contacted and helped by Donate Life.