Oct 072012

Nowadays, the most widely used vehicles use petroleum products. The use of petroleum products emit harmful gases and smoke which pollute the air. So in order to minimize air pollution, a new technology has been developed. The vehicles that use petroleum products are slowly replaced by the electric vehicles. The vehicles that run with electricity is known as “Green Vehicle”. Green vehicles help in conservation and preservation of environment

as well as control the air pollution. But according to the latest research, the electric vehicles far more pollute the environment than the petroleum vehicles.electric vehicles

According to the researchers of Norwegian Science and Technology University, coal is used to produce electricity and while using such fuels, harmful green house gases are produced which are more  harmful than the gases produced by the petroleum products. Similarly, the electric vehicles manufacturers also produce more harmful chemical substances.

The investigator investigated the traditional type of vehicles and the electric vehicles and also compare the life cycle of the vehicles. In the investigation, different aspects of the vehicles that is production, consumption and the way of disposal are also analyzed considering the electric vehiclesenvironment.

According to the investigator, the production of electric vehicles take a long time than the traditional vehicles and also produce green house gases as twice as the petroleum vehicles. Similarly, the metals like Nickel, Copper and Aluminum that are used for production of battery and electric motor also harm the health of environment and the health of human beings.

But the electric vehicles are far better in such country where there is sufficient production of hydro-electricity and found alternative source of energy.