Jul 302012

Gender equity means the notion of having equality between both sexes with equal emphasis on existence of male and female and to treat and behave them in equal manner. Happy family life can be established only when there is equal support and co-operation between husband and wife in the family. Even for the development and extension of their lineage, equality between husband and wife is an essential thing because both husband and wife have equal right in the family. When women are discriminated at home and in the society, the nation cannot prosper well. Sexual discrimination in every field of work is still prevalent in Nepal. The daughters are taught in ordinary school while the sons are sent to well equipped schools. This is an evidence that the daughters are not treated equally to male in Nepal. Gender discrimination prevails in our society in various sectors. If we follow the concept of gender equity, there can be a harmonious environment at home. Husband and wife can decide about the size of family. Mutual understanding and equality between both husband and wife plays a significant role in making a small and happy family. Gender equity denotes equality between males and females with equal existence, behaviors and treatment.

 Aspects to be taken into consideration for gender equity

The society and the nation should emphasize the notion of gender equity for accelerating the process of development in each and every aspect. The aspects to be taken into consideration for gender equity are described below:

1. Equity in rearing and nurturing: There must be equity in rearing and nurturing both boys and girls. There should not be discrimination between boys and girls in their physical, mental, social and emotional aspects. Thus, the trainings and education for eliminating sex discrimination should be launched from their own homes.

2.Change in traditional notion: The traditional notion and norms should be discouraged to enhance the notion of gender equity. Discriminating between girl and boy is an unfavorable traditional notion. However, it is still in prevalence in our country. There should not be any discrimination between son and daughter. Both of them should be equally treated. The social evils, which contribute to the discrimination, should be wiped out.

3. Respect in family, society and responsible personality: Women should be regarded as responsible persons of the family. Women should be encouraged to take part in different social programmes rather than merely fulfilling the daily family needs. There must be access and participation of women in income generating activities. As a result of this, women will get respect from the society. The participation of women in the programmes like population management, environment conservation and poverty alleviation should be increased. It decreases discrimination and increases confidence in women. Women should be given opportunities which make them respected personalities of the society.

4. Minimization in daily workload for women: In our society, women lie far behind men in income generating activities. But they spend much the time working then men. Their daily house activities are undervalued and considered unproductive. There appear so many restrictions in their personality development that they spend most of their time in unseen and less significant household works. The following sorts of conditions should be managed to lessen their burden.

  • If they have to go very far to fetch water, water sources should be constructed near the houses.
  • If they go far to bring firewood, fodder etc. arrangement should be made so that they can collect these form the nearby forests.
  • If health centers and school are situated very far from the houses, they must be established in their own community.

5. Legal and policy provision: There must be strong legal provision to prevent women from brutality, exploitation, gender discrimination, and girl trafficking. Anyone who exploits women should be punished. There must be provision for women rights like reproductive right and so on. There should be provision of higher education and income generating activities for women. Some quotas should be separated for women. Women should get equal wages for equal work as their male counterparts.