Jul 212012

The World most popular social networking site Facebook is well known for friendships. It is the best site for romantic couple for sharing their love and feelings. But what will happen when a romantic couple breakup suddenly? What will be the meaning of friendship on Facebook after that? Is it necessary to end up Facebook friendship as ending up of relationship?

Probably there may not be any rules regarding this type of matter. If the relationship is suddenly breakup then it is not necessary to remove the friend from list of friends on Facebook.

According to the recent study conducted by a Western University master’s candidate, after the relationship is over, many people don’t want to end up the Facebook relationship. They continuously check their Ex’s profile on Facebook.

The student, Veronika Lukacs, on his thesis, “It’s Complicated: Romantic Breakups and Their Aftermath on Facebook”, revealed that 88 percent of Facebook users have creeped an ex’s Facebook page and 80 percent looked up their ex’s new partner or suspected new partner. She also wanted to know how breakup distress is related to Facebook use. Similarly, she had also conducted survey that had broken up with a boyfriend or girlfriend in the past 12 months and also conducted interviews about the subject matter.

According to her research study, the following findings were revealed:

  • 48 percent of the people remained friends with their ex on Facebook means continued the relationship as friend.
  • 70 percent Facebook user used a mutual friend’s profile or logged in as a mutual friend to know about ex’s information.
  • 88 percent creeped their ex’s profile.
  • 74 percent users tried to get information about an ex’s new partner or suspected new partner.
  • 64 percent users re-read, analyzed old messages and wall posts.
  • 50 percent users deleted their ex’s photos from their profile.
  • 31 percent users upload own new photos in order to make their ex jealous.
  • 33 percent users post a song lyric or quote about their ex as their status.
  • 52 percent users were jealous of a picture of their ex on their post.

What will you do when you break up with someone? Do you remove from your facebook friend list or remained connected with him/her?

Jul 192012

Too much Facebook likes mean too much popularity. Many people become impressed and happy by getting too much Facebook likes in their pages. Even many big organizations and companies are also willing to get too much Facebook likes in their pages.

According to the latest investigation done by BBC, many Facebook users have no interest on the products of the companies or even the users have no idea of the companies as well as their products even though they have liked their pages. Many companies are wasting their money for getting Facebook likes. According to the research, many Facebook users who have liked the pages of different firms and companies have created the fake Facebook account and also hide their identity. In many cases, computer hackers also create computer program that create fake Facebook profile with virus for liking the pages. Similarly, computer hackers also use such computer program to hack the pages.

Even arising such problems, Facebook owner and developers are not serious about such matter and they are also not getting such problems even before.

Many big companies also forecast the demands and consumption of their products with the help of Facebook likes. Many companies have also prepared a great profile by getting millions of Facebook likes. Too much Facebook likes in their pages mean too much liking of their products and services. But the conclusion drawn through Facebook likes will be wrong due to fake likes. Facebook users who have liked their pages may be the hackers who can steal the most confidential and secret information of the companies.

According to the investigation done by Facebook company last year, about 5 million Facebook users have created fake profiles or wrong information out of 9 hundred million Facebook users. So, be aware of too much Facebook likes.