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Apple, the producer of the revolutionary products like iPhone, iMac, iPad and iPod, is the second richest apple logocompany of the world and the most valuable brand of the world. By giving the market its innovative products, it has been successful to create history in terms of revenue and profit in corporate world.

In this post, we will let you know about the 10 interesting facts about Apple, that you may or may not know:

  1. In every minute, Apple earns 3 hundred thousand US Dollars. This amount is even greater than the transactions of the whole stock market of Russia.
  2. Apple owns more cash in hand than that owned by the US Government.
  3. There are 80 thousand Apple employees worldwide.
  4. According to probability analysis, the probability of getting admission at Harvard University is found to be greater than the probability of getting a job at Apple Store.
  5. Within the first 3 months of 2014, Apple alone had earned the amount equal to the total revenues of Google, Facebook and Amazon combined.
  6. Smoking near an Apple computer voids the warranty of the device.
  7. In every advertisement of iPhone, the time displayed on the screen of the phone is 9:41AM. This time has a special meaning. In 2007, when the ‘then CEO’, Steve Jobs, had launched the first ever iPhone, the time was 9:41AM.
  8. When the prototype of the first ever iPod was presented to Steve Jobs, he had thrown it into water. He hadn’t done so because he disliked the prototype or because of anger but to see if the device can be made more compact or not.
  9. Whatever you say to Siri first goes to Apple. It is stored only after it has been analyzed properly.
  10. Samsung is the manufacturer of the ‘Retina Display’ of Apple iPad. This display is the most expensive part of iPad.

13 Unique Features of Samsung Galaxy S5

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Mar 212014

iPhone and Samsung Galaxy series are great rivals in the world of smartphones. Even smartphone users buy smartphones only after comparing the features of these two smartphone series.
Recently, Samsung has launched its Galaxy S5. This model of Samsung’s smartphone will be available in the market from April 11, 2014. And this phone contains many interesting features which cannot be found on Apple’s iPhone 5S.
Today, through this post, you will be able to know about 13 unique features of Samsung Galaxy S5 which cannot be found on iPhone or any other smartphone. The unique features that can be found on Samsung Galaxy S5 are:

  1. Through Samsung Galaxy S5, the user will be able to do payments through fingerprint on phone. This service has been launched by Samsung in association with Paypal.Samsung Galaxy S5 - 1
  2. Samsung Galaxy S5 has no problem even if it is dipped in water. But we already know, what happens when iPhone is dipped in water.iPhone - 2
  3. The camera of Samsung Galaxy S5 is also way too efficient. This phone contains a rare camera of 16 megapixels. Hence, it is obvious that the quality of photographs taken from this phone will be far better than those taken from iPhone 5S, which contains a camera of just 8 megapixels.Samsung Galaxy S5 - 3
  4. Samsung Galaxy S5 will have the storage capacities of 16 and 32 GB. Although iPhone has storage capacity upto 64 GB, Micro SD memory card slot is not available in it. But the case is not the same with Samsung Galaxy S5 since a Micro SD memory card can be inserted in it. And the plus point is that the expandable memory of Samsung Galaxy S5 is upto 128 GB.Micro SD Card - 4
  5. The capacity of the front face camera will also be impressive in Samsung Galaxy S5. The photographs taken from this phone will be of high quality without any kind of spots.Photograph - 5
  6. Samsung Galaxy S5 is going to be the first phone in the world with Live HDR Preview. Through this feature, the user will be able to see the possible effects in a photograph before taking the photograph.Photograph - 6
  7. With the help of Samsung Galaxy S5, the user will be able to record videos with four times better HD resolution. This phone’s camcorder can be considered as the best among the camcorders of present day smartphones.Samsung UHDTV - 7
  8. Simplified interface and Kids Mode enable the users to snap photographs in different modes in an easy manner.Grayscale Photograph - 8
  9. Battery saving feature will also be available in this smartphone. The user of this smartphone will be able to decrease the intensities of Black and White colours so as to decrease the rate of battery consumption. During the power shortage, the phone will be switched into monochrome power saving mode, which enables the phone to work efficiently even in less power.iPhone - 9
  10. Generally, when the capacity of the battery of a phone decreases, the acid contained in the battery gradually affects the hardware of the phone. But this won’t happen in case of Samsung Galaxy S5. All you have to do is just change the battery and your phone is safe. Even iPhone cannot save its hardware from the acid of its battery.
  11. Samsung Galaxy S5 has been created on the basis of heart rate sensor. With the help of this sensor, the user will be able to know the heart beat rate of his/her body. When the fitness app at the right corner is pressed, the user gets the information about his/her heart rate. These days, there are many apps for measuring heart rate which can be downloaded on iPhone also.Samsung Galaxy S5 - 10
  12. Samsung Galaxy S5 can also be used as a remote controller because this smartphone has an Infrared Blaster at its topmost part.
  13. The dynamic image chip in this smartphone creates natural image. This contributes in the adjustment of colour and background automatically.Photograph 11