Dec 232012

During these recent years, many improvements and developments in the field of information and technology can be found. Many new electronic gadgets like mobile phones, personal computers, laptop computers, tablet computers, watches etc. were created by different organizations. These all gadgets were well-equipped with different new and attractive features and functions.

One of such electronic gadgets which ruled over the hearts of the people of the whole world is Apple Inc., U.S.A.’s I-Phone. The main factor that made I-Phone that much famous and popular as well as liked was its new, useful and innovative features. After that, another factor that made I-Phone that much liked was its sleek, elegant and unique kind of look. But, the important thing that made I-Phone well-known all over the world is its operating system. Its operating system was unique and efficient that other operating systems of mobile phones. This gave rise to a competition in the software and operating systems of mobile phones.

Nowadays, there is given less priority to hardware rather than software. Today, there is a huge and tight competition between mobile phones in terms of their operating systems (OS). The main factor that dismissed I-Phone from its throne and brought out a new phone, Samsung Galaxy S3 as its new king is the Android Operating System that is used in Samsung Galaxy S3.

Telling the fact, Android is a Linux-based operating system. Google, which has named every upgraded version of its Android Operating System in android botterms of food, has now named Android 4.2 operating system as Jelly Bean. With the new and sweet names of its operating systems, Google has even worked hard to provide more new and exciting features and functions in its Android Operating Systems. Google’s operating systems’ names and their features are attracting the people very much.

While talking about the history of Google’s Android Operating System, we can find that its history is not very much long. But it has released many versions of its operating system. The Android Operating System version 1.0 and 1.1 weren’t publicly given any kind of names. But the versions that were released after them were given special names which were based on the names of sweet and tasty foods. Since the release of Google’s Android Operating System version 1.5, Google started a trend to give names based on the foods in an alphabetical order. Google named Android Operating System version 1.5 as ‘Cupcake’. Likewise, it named its next operating system version 1.6 as ‘Donut’. After ‘Donut’, a new version was released which was named Éclair. This Android Operating System was released in different versions like 2.0, 2.0.1 and 2.1. After that, Frozen Yogurt (Froyo) was released which contained versions like 2.2 and 2.2X. Then, again a new Android version named Gingerbread was released which was Android version 2.3 and 2.3X.

Similarly, in the Honeycomb version there were version 3.0, 3.0 X, 3.1 and 3.2. Likewise, the most widely used version is Ice Cream Sandwich version which is version 4.0, 4.0.1, 4.0.2, 4.0.3 and 4.0.4. This is the Android version used in most of the smartphones of today including famous smartphones like Samsung Galaxy Note.

Likewise, Jelly Bean is the latest version of android which is also called Android version 4.1 and 4.2. This is not that much famous like Ice Cream Sandwich because very less smartphones have this operating system in them. Nexus 7 tablet was the first gadget to have this operating system installed in it.

Now also, people are working in the development of new versions of Android. But to use them, we will have to wait for some time. Till then, lets enjoy the current Android versions.

Aug 162012

As the present world has achieved much success in the field of information technology, everyday new, innovative and useful things that make human life easier and luxurious are being released. Many electronic gadgets like mobile phones, personal computers etc. are making people attracted. So, most of the people of the world are great fans of such gadgets. Here’s a news for all the gadget lovers.

If you are thinking of getting a new mobile phone or a tablet PC or a computer immediately then it would be better for you to wait for sometime before buying them. It is because there are many new and fresh gadgets waiting to arrive in the market. These gadgets will make you feel that your gadgets are already outdated. Now let us know about the gadgets which are being released soon.

1. I Phone 5: Apple’s most amazing and famous product, I Phone’s new version is soon going to be released. It is believed that I Phone 5 will be released between 5th September to 12th September. Though Apple hasn’t spread any information about it, many agencies and sources say that I Phone’s new version will be released within 12th September, 2012.

Talking about the features in I Phone 5, this version of I Phone will not have that much new and interesting feature than that of I Phone 4S. But it is said that this version will surely have something special and upgraded. This version of I Phone will have almost 4 inches wide screen display. This is the largest screen that any version of I Phone has ever got. Similarly, another important feature of I Phone 5 is the inbuilt Youtube application through which the user can easily get live streaming videos. This phone consists of IOS 6 operating system. Sources say that this version of I Phone is going to be made slimmer that other versions. While talking about Data Transfer, this phone will have Advanced Near Field Communication (NFC) feature rather than Bluetooth.

2. Samsung Galaxy Note 2: With the releasing date as August 29th, 2012, Samsung Galaxy Note’s new version has taken over the minds of gadget lovers of all over the world. Being little bit smaller than Tablet PC and larger than mobile phone, Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is also known as Flablet. With the success earned by Samsung Galaxy Note, Samsung became more encouraged to release the new and upgraded version of it. So, it created the new version of Galaxy Note which is already released in some countries like UAE, UK etc. Since this phone consists of a 10.1 inch wide screen, it is even called as Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. Experts say that this version of Galaxy Note will surely challenge Apple’s I Phone and I Pad which are taking over the globe in the present time.

3. Windows 8 Tablet and PC: Along with the plan of Microsoft to release new operating  system Windows 8, Microsoft is planning to bring out new tablets and PCs for making this operating system successful and popular. Windows 8 is going to be released on 26th October, 2012. With this news, one of the world’s most famous computer producers, Lenovo has already decided to bring a tablet PC of 10.1 inches whose weight will be 600 grams and thickness will be 9.8 mm. This tablet will work on Intel’s Atom Processor. Not only Lenovo, but also other computer manufacturers are also planning to create PCs and tablets which will be compatible with Microsoft’s Windows 8.

4. Nokia’s Windows 8 Phone: It is guessed that Nokia will release its new Windows 8 platformed phone on its anniversary on 5th September. On that day, Nokia is going to organize a campaign called Nokia World where it is believed that Nokia will launch its new phones. This new Windows 8 phone will be launched along with Lumia series, which is one of the best series of mobile phones created by Nokia. However, the production and sales of this Windows 8 phone will start only after October, 2012.