Apr 092015

Recently, in March, Facebook added some new cool features in its Messenger, so that people do not have to depend upon other service providers like Paypal, Payza etc. for transferring money. This has brought a huge revolution in the world of social networking sites since it has shown that it’s time that the social networking sites get some upgrades.

After launching WhatsApp Web, now Facebook has brought a fully dedicated Messenger for web browsers which can act as a standalone tool for allowing Facebook users to chat easily. On April 8th, 2015, Facebook, the king of social networks uncovered its plans and new service with Messenger.com, which is a dedicated chat interface for users who prefer web browsers for chatting.messenger.com
Currently, Messenger.com has been made available only for selected regions. Facebook has stated that this feature will be rolled out for the users all over the world in a short time.

So now, the good part is that the users will be able to use Facebook for chatting without loading Facebook’s main website, and of course, without all those distracting news feed contents (like that in Facebook Messenger app).

However, this launch of a standalone Messenger website has created a doubt if Facebook is going to separate Facebook.com and Messenger service like it did in its mobile apps. Facebook has already made a compulsion for the mobile users to download and install a separate Messenger app for chatting.

How to use Messenger.com?

In order to use Messenger.com, you just need to go to your web browser and visit http://messenger.com. Then, a page with login screen will appear. There, all you need to do is enter your Facebook username (or email ID or phone number) along with your password and click ‘Sign In’.
And bingo! You’re using Messenger.com, a complete dedicated and distraction-free messaging tool for Facebookers all around the globe.

Aug 072012

Google email service, Gmail is one of the popular and widely used web mail service. This service is far better due to its more security, quickness and attractiveness than other web mail services. Due to this reason, it has got more than 425,000,000 active users which was launched in 7th February 2007.

By defeating its counterparts i.e. Hotmail and Yahoo, it is much liked by the many users all over the world. Recently, Google launched social networking site Google + after successful launching of the service of online chat with Gmail. Along with the success that Google has got through these features, it has even kept its first step in the world of hardware. With these steps, Google has earned a lot of success, name and fame but in Google’s Gmail service, we can find some problems which make the users fed up. The five boring problems in Gmail are given below:

1. Sometimes Gmail loads so slowly that it makes the user bored. Even if there is high speed internet connection, computer and latest browser, Gmail sometimes takes a long time to be loaded properly. It takes a long time to load the emails in the inbox and download them.

2. Another problem in Gmail is its unsatisfactory web page design. Though Google brings new and attractive styles and designs in its pages, the new designs sometimes put the users into problem. The text buttons in the new design sometimes put the users into dilemma.

3. Likewise, Google scans the emails of its web mail users. While doing this, Google takes different information from the emails of the users so as to display contextual ads in the Gmail page. It unnecessarily checks and examines the emails and steals the valuable information from them in order to receive business profits.

4. Unnecessary features in Gmail also make the users bored since Gmail sends newsletters and emails related to its new features to the users and tries to force them for using those features. Most of the users don’t like such emails in their email accounts.

5. Another drawback of Gmail is that it has kept its offline mode feature only to the users who use Gmail from Google Chrome web browser. It hasn’t provided that feature to the users who use other web browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera etc. So, the users are not satisfied from Gmail since Gmail’s offline extension is unavailable in other web browsers.