May 132013

Industrial development is the most reliable mode of development for developing countries like Nepal. It can simply be defined as the act of establishing and running an industry so as to provide services as well as to earn profit and revenue through the use of different raw materials available in an area. Industrial development can be performed using agricultural production as Nepal is an agricultural country. Our country should give priority to industrial development because it

mobilizes human resources and helps to uplift the socio-economic status of the country.Industrial development of our country depends upon agricultural raw materials. Other raw materials like minerals, forest products etc. are found in the environment. Small and large-scale industries are very important for developing countries like Nepal. Small and cottage industries provide employment to the people at local level. Cottage industries are also important to utilize local environmental resource. Local people can produce necessary goods for their daily life using rural technology. These industries are based on environment. Hence, due to importance should be given to industrial development as well as conservation and promotion of the environment.

Types of Industry

On the basis of capital investment, fuel consumption, production and use of technology, industry can be classified as follows:Wolfsburg_VW-Werk

  • Cottage industries: The labour-oriented industries which are based on local raw materials, and rural technology and related to national tradition, art and culture are called cottage industries. Handloom, embroidery, painting, knitting, sewing and wood arts are some examples of cottage industries.
  • Small-scale industries: The industries which have fixed capital of up to ten million rupees to run are called small-scale industries.
  • Medium-scale industries: The industries having fixed capital of ten million to fifty million rupees to run are called medium-scale industries.
  • Large-scale industries: The industries, which require more than fifty million rupees of fixed capital to run, are called large-scale industries.