Aug 022015

On July 29th, 2015, the long awaited operating system of Microsoft, Windows 10 was released. However, a lot of people haven’t still got the opportunity of getting the taste of Windows 10 since they haven’t still received the update.

Today, I’ll let you know about a special trick that will help you to get the Windows 10 upgrade on your PC running Windows 7 or above. This trick will force Windows to start the download of Windows 10 update files no matter if you’re still in the pending list for the update.

So, here are the procedures:

  1. Firstly, go to “C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download“. (Here, ‘C:’ is the system drive where the current version of Windows is installed.) After going to the path given above, delete all the files and folders in that path. windows10_1
  2. Then, open ‘Windows Update’ either by going to the ‘Control Panel’ or by hitting the Windows key and typing ‘Windows Update’ and clicking on it.
  3. After that, we will have to start Command Prompt with administrator rights. To do so in Windows 8 or above, you can press ‘Windows key + X’ and click on ‘Command Prompt (Admin)’. If you are in Windows 7, you can go to Start Menu and open up ‘All Programs’ where you will find ‘Accessories’. There you will see ‘Command Prompt’ which should be right-clicked to get the options. Then, click on ‘Run as administrator’.
  4. Now, in Command Prompt, type (but don’t press ‘Enter’) ‘wuauclt.exe /updatenow‘ (without the inverted commas). That is the command which will enforce Windows to get the update through Windows Update.windows10_2
  5. After hitting that command, you can switch to Windows Update window and  click on ‘Check for updates’ on the left hand side of the window. Then you will see ‘Checking for updates….’ in that window.windows10_3
  6. Come back to Command Prompt and press ‘Enter’ to execute that command you had typed in step 4.windows10_4
  7. You will see Windows Update window displaying that it is downloading Windows 10. Then your PC is on the way to Windows 10 update.window10_5

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Sep 092012

Last week was one of the most interesting weeks of all time in the world of gadgets. Many important and new events appletook place in the world of gadgets in these seven days. Last week, Amazon launched the new version of its Kindle Fire smartphone. Likewise, Nokia and Motorola, the former kings of the world of mobile phones also tried to attract the gadget lovers towards them. But the special event that will rule over the minds of the people will take place this Wednesday. Yes, you heard it right. This Wednesday, the world is getting a great news. There will be a new revolution in the gadget world because this Wednesday, American gadget producer, Apple is going to launch the new version of iPhone, which is named as iPhone 5. This is a great news for all the gadget lovers living at each and every corners of the world.

While talkingapple about last week, Amazon released four new versions of Kindle Fire on Thursday. Before that day, i.e. on Wednesday, Nokia and Motorola also launched five fresh smartphones in the market. Among those fiappleve fresh smartphones, two were launched by Nokia and three were launched by Motorola. The Nokia smartphones support Windows 8 operating system. American software company, Microsoft has ensured to release its newest operating system, Windows 8 till the end of this year.

Siapplence many gadget producers are releasing their gadgets day by day, Apple is getting a lot of pressure to release its new iPhone 5 as soon as possible in the market. Apple has already been beaten by Samsung, but getting beaten by other producers like Nokia and Motorola, whom Apple had already beaten, may turn out to be fatal for Apple. Due to this reason, Apple is definitely being forced and pressurized to launch its new products in the market.