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SLC Model Question (EPH: Health, Population and Environment Education)

Group ‘A’ [10×1=10]
Very short answer questions
Attempt ALL the questions from this group.
1. What is the growth rate of population percent per-year according to the census of 2068?
2. In which method of census full moon night of spring or autumn season is selected for calculating the size of population?
3. What is the fundamental component of making quality of life?
4. Write down the ranges of altitude in hill region.
5. Write down any one adverse effect of human activities on environment.
6. What is called the capacity of animals that can adjust and survive on the environment?
7. What causes some particular differences in living beings found in the earth?
8. Name any two chemicals responsible for the destruction of ozone layer.
9. What is the causative agent of amoebic dysentery?
10. How many beds are required to be district hospital?

Group ‘B’ [13×5=65]
Short answer questions
Attempt any THIRTEEN questions from this group.
11. Explain about the situation of world population. [5]
12. What do you understand by distribution of population? Why is distribution of population not equal in Nepal? [5]
13. The women of a certain city between 25-29 years of age gave birth to 3200 live birth in 2007. If the number of such women was 50,000, find the age specific fertility rate of the city. [5]
14. What do you mean by quality of life? How does education ensure quality of life? [5]
15. Why does modernization deplete the eco system? Explain this in the context of three geographical regions? [5]
16. What do you mean by management and conservation of environment? What are the major programmes that are being implemented in the protection of the environment? [5]
17. List the importance of biodiversity and describe any one. [5]
18. What are the adverse effects of human activities on the biodiversity? How can these effects be reduced? [5]
19. List the importance of development work and describe any one. [5]
20. What will happen if we do not follow the principles of sustainable development in the conduction of development activities? [5]
21. What is HIV/AIDS? Why is it regarded as fatal one? [5]
22. “Anemia and scurvy can be caused by the deficiency of vitamin C.” Justify it. [5]
23. What is drug addition? What are the causes of drug addiction? [5]
24. What are the main health problems of Nepal? Describe any one. [5]
25. List the strategies of the three year interim plan. [5]

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SLC Model Question Set 6 (EPH)

Group ‘A’

Very short answer questions: 10×1=10

1. What is population?

2. Which is the main reason of less effect of modernization activities on mountain region?

3. Name the rare bird found in Nepal.

4. In which geographical region does Ruru Chhetra lie?

5. What is the minimum bed capacity for district hospital in Nepal?

6. Write the formula of population doubling time.

7. In which part of the body the human papiloma virus causes cancer?

8. Write any one criteria of quality of life.

9. What is the full form of DOTS?

10. Under whose responsibility does the construction of public latrine fall?

Group ‘B’

Short answer questions: (Any 13 questions only) 13×5=65

11. What is population density? Why is the density of central development region higher than other region? Give reasons.

12. List down the biological factors affecting birth and explain any two of them.

13. Suppose the population of a city was 40,000 in a particular area. But in the same year, 700 people went outside and 900 people migrated to the same year in the same place. Now find out the gross migration rate of the given place in the same year.

14. Mention any five effects to uplift the quality of life.

15. “Forest of Nepal is destroyed due to unwise human activities.” Write any five mitigating measures to protect it.

16. Why is it necessary to conserve biodiversity? Provide any five reasons.

17. How can we manage the industrial development in Terai region? Mention any five ways.

18. Write short notes on:

  • One-horned rhinoceros
  • Yarshagumba

19. Write in short the adverse effects of unplanned urbanization on human and environment.

20. What is sustainable development? Mention any four importance of sustainable development.

21. In which type of disease there is possibility of dehydration? Write any four symptoms.

22. Why do young people involved in drug abuse? Write any four measures to prevent drug abuse.

23. What is community health? Write any three importance of it.

24. “Balanced diet can be obtained through local level and cheap foods.” How?

25. What are the major health problems of Nepal? What would be your role in solving these health problems?

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